Friday, October 14, 2016

Inter-dimensional Incursion/Ear Spray-Luggage Store Gallery, SF CA; 10/13/16

These, days, whenever I go to the Luggage Store, I marvel at the changes on Market and 6th St. It seems as though there are new fancy eateries, clubs, and whatnot going up every week! At one point last night, I stood at that corner and tried to imagine what it will look like in 100 years' time. Skyscrapers towered in my mind. Wish that I could be there to see it!
Not being able to time travel, I just had to stay in the present and enjoy the small joys of the Inter-dimensional Incursion/Ear Spray gig.
For one, it's incredible, and the SF Bay Area Improvising Music scene is really lucky, that Outsound has managed to keep a toehold right on this rapidly gentrifying area!
Another source of mirth was the small group of people, all known and adored by me, that gathered for the show.
Inter-dimensional Incursion, essentially Cartoon Justice with guests Amanda Chaudhary on synthesizers and James Robert Barnes on woodwinds, played a scripted improvisation, conducted by Mika. I played the Hand-soniq drum pad and waterphone. The later was scraped with long screws and hit with a mallet. I really enjoyed the amount of space that all players allowed to happen. Really good sextet interaction, in my opinion. There were times when I just stopped and enjoyed listening to what everyone else was doing, especially James's really wonderful baritone sax passage, one that had everyone inspired and going for it.
Hopefully there will be gigs from this ensemble in the future!

Below: Inter-dimensial Incursion rig, and the group shot (mostly) live

Ear Spray's set also seemed good to me. Although, mostly on account of me being really busy with some personal stuff, I was not able to get to a rehearsal for it, I felt as though we were able to connect within the sound. At times, we can get pretty noisy, but it seemed as though we played the somewhat small space of the Luggage Store pretty well. Our set was divided into three movements, following Ann's video projections of: Nebula, Sun, and Water. I played mostly small percussion, along with a bit more waterphone (again, scraped and not bowed), and my nasty little circuit bent Casio keyboard. The latter is fun, just for its unpredictability and crazy noises! Me like. As usual, Ear Spray managed to pull together and find our voice. Now, if only we could get that projected CD finished!

Below: Carlos and Ann prepare (with Joe Lasqo in foreground!), Ear Spray gear

All told, a fun night of Electro-Acoustic exploration in downtown San Francisco! Seems fine to me, even if I can't afford dinner over there anymore!

Below: live Ear Spray footage!

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