Saturday, October 1, 2016

ebolabuddha-Gennie Jamz: Part V; Baker Beach, SF CA, 10/1/16

I guess that it was the week for me to hang out at holder haunts within SF. After Monday's El Rio event with Surplus 1980, I got to hit Baker Beach, the really lovely waterfront at the end of the Sea Cliff district.
The Gennie Jamz shows are generator shows, semi-legal ones, held at these old bunkers that are located right above the strand. We had no interference from park rangers, aside from one request to turn things down a bit.
ebolobuddha featured Eli, Jason, Steve, Tom, and myself for this one. Guitar, alto sax, bass, keys, and drums. We mostly performed a graphic piece that I've been working, Saturations with Jumps; its title comes from a sentence within an essay by Nick Land, whose somewhat darkened work has fascinated me lately. The sound was to have been divided by heavy "standing" moments, punctuated by "jumps", which were to have been made up of interactive harmonic passages. I'm not sure how that turned out, as I really couldn't hear the instrumental separation very well. After a bit, I decided to just play fiery and balls out. Seems like the other dudes may have done so as well! No worries.
We also got into some group reading passages: I read Ovid, as usual. Someday I'll find a new author for ebolabuddha readings!
Definitely a noisy and out of control set from ebolabuddha. More of an improvised Metal type of day for us.
A bit later in the day, I was asked to sit in with an ad hoc Psych group, and that was hella fun, too. As a bonus, I drove home via the Golden Gate Bridge, and the view was stunning.
Fun in the sun, SF Indian Summer style!

Above: ebolabuddha members and their pals, shot from atop a bunker!

Our set was recorded. Hopefully at some point it will be available for listening.

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