Friday, July 21, 2017

Ear Spray-Luggage Store Gallery, SF CA; 7/20/17

Two gigs for me in a week, and both of them featured a non-drum set, quiet percussion vibe. Indeed, I brought the same exact rig with me for Ear Spray's Luggage Store gig last night as for Monday evening's KFJC adventure.
It had been decided by Ann, Carlos, and myself that we'd try to play quiet sounds that would fit into the low ceiling and small space of the Luggage Store at our last rehearsal. To that end, we tried to cook up what we dubbed "Ear Spray Ambient". Carlos used his bass to guide our piece, blended with his electronics rig. As usual, he lead really well, melding his sounds to Ann's films. Ann vocalized on top of that, and I added quiet percussion in response to the two of them. My sense was that it all seemed to hang together pretty well; there were even a few "intense" parts, wherein I felt like the roto tom hits paired with the vocals in a cool way. I tried really hard to consciously add space when needed, to take breaks when I'd run out of things to play, and to dialogue with the other sounds in the room. Hopefully those that attended felt those vibes.
After our set, I got a great reminder of why I like the Luggage Store's long-running series. Neal Elzanga's great, layered electronics really floored me. Sometimes the music scene can be embarrassingly provincial: listening to Neal's sounds made me remember that cool, creative music is everywhere, and not just at the currently hip spots.
After Neal played, I sat in briefly with Adriane Pontecorvo's cello, on water phone. Her dad Mika processed our sounds. Really cool, jarring Noise ensued. Hell yeah. Eight minutes of sonic bliss.
Outsound Summit #16 is next week. I'll be there on two separate evenings in two very different groups. Announcement coming soon.
It ain't where you been, it's where you at.

Below: my rig and vantage point of Carlos and Ann's rigs

Above: Mika P. in contemplation
Below: video, courtesy of Ann O'Rourke!

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