Tuesday, July 18, 2017

McCaslin/Reed/Pino Trio-KFJC, Los Altos Hills CA; 7/17/17

After a surprisingly quick zip across the Bay Bridge and down 280, the trio of CJ McCaslin, Amy Reed, and myself ensconced ourselves in KFJC's legendary Pit for some improvisation and promotion. The latter, to get the word out regarding Outsound's 16th Annual Summit, which commences this Sunday at Community Music Center in SF.
In rehearsal, we had talked about aesthetic ideas, and I felt as if we stuck pretty closely to our vision, that being smaller sounds, more delicacy, and active listening. Towards my end, I brought smaller percussion for the most part, along with my versatile 18" roto tom (to access, as one KFJC staffer put it "that telephone pole sound" from its metal frame: shit yeah), and waterphone.
Our four piece, forty minute set was very satisfying to me, with a nice, patient, extending opening that unfolded at a fine pace, a bit of heat, and just what struck me as good, even exemplary, interaction of our respective voices. CJ got some very good, lonely tones out of her soprano saxophone. It's great to hear her development on the horn. Amy coaxed all kinds of voices from her guitar and implements, which includes leaves and grass. Her set up is so minimal, yet so much happens when she digs in. Awesome.
As for me, I had fun dancing around my rig, shaking various shakers, trying to play with subtlety, and leaving gaps for the other two voices of the trio. At the end, I was not so much slicked with the sweat of effort as I was glowing the mist of contemplation. A fine mist that is!
More shows announced and performed very soon.
Huge gratitude to KFJC and Outsound.

Below: percussion rig

Above: CJ and Amy-improvising musicians
Below: me and vinyl wall, group shot (photos courtesy of Amy, thanks!)
Above: Rent promotes Outsound Summit 16, organic aspects of Reed's rig
Below: lovely Foothill College

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