Monday, July 10, 2017

M-KAT Ensemble-Musicians Union Hall Local 6, SF CA; 7/9/17

Having assembled in the wake of Cosmists ending, M-KAT Ensemble has been rehearsing with some frequency over the past six months or so. We were excited to play our first official show at the always quality SIMM Series at Musicians Union Hall Local 6 on 9th St. in SF.
After quickly negotiating a recording set up by ace engineer and gong player Karen Stackpole, we commenced our five piece set, consisting of four improvisations and one graphic piece by Thomas Harrison Jr. The music seemed to flow pretty well as we played. I particularly enjoyed a piece that we planned, dedicated to the recently passed Pierre Henry, on which I utilized an old baking pan, even though being slightly embarrassed that it still had some food detritus encrusted upon it. Gnarly. Listening back to the recording of it, its spaces sound really well placed.
Thomas's playing felt particularly great, percussive and present throughout. Our last piece had Kersti jamming some cool, primal flute as Andrew played with her in duet; I joined in on small shakers, feeling reverent and glistening from the evening's energetic sweat.
I enjoyed playing my old Ludwig bass drum and ratty snare drum scored from Urban Ore in Berkeley for $30, along with getting some scraping cow bell action in. I just really love  a funky, beat up kit.
All told, I felt as though we produced music that was energetic and intimate, apropos of Union Hall's smaller space. 
It seems as though M-KAT Ensemble got off to a pretty good start. We have another gig planned for later this summer, and we're all looking forward to it. Additionally, we may be able to use the recording from SIMM for some type of release. Time will tell.

Below: M-KAT Ensemble sets up, funky drum kit (baking pan out of frame)
Above: Thomas's set list with square for graphic notation piece

Many thanks to Kersti, Thomas, and Andrew, along with Bill Noertker and Rent Romus at Outsound.

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