Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bridge of Crows-Makout Room; SF, CA 10/6/14

As I walked into the Makeout Room last night, I reflected that it was a place that I'd never been to, let alone played at. Seems odd, really, as it was in business during the 1990's.
I had a great time playing with Bridge of Crows. We had developed two themes in our rehearsal for this show. One, we seemed to stick with, the other may have gotten a bit lost in the shuffle. Our music felt loose and flow-ey to me; it was great to play along with Eli Pontecorvo's low electric bass tones. We even got a bit of a heckle, a drinkin' gal in a booth wanted us to play a song called Toxic by Britney Spears. Hopefully she wasn't trying to tell us that we'd poisoned her evening with our weirdness. You can't please everyone, I guess.
It was a real pleasure to play Jon Arkin's Sonor Jazz kit. Sweet! His band, Cabbages, Captain and King are super tight and precise, as are Earth Blind. Great instrumental music is happening in the Bay!

Below: Jon's kit. Thanks, Jon!

Above: Eli P's monster low end machine

Many thanks to the Bridge of Crows crew for letting me play with them! 

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