Monday, October 6, 2014

Earspray-Witch Room, NorCal Noisefest 14; Sacramento, CA 10/5/14

The Witch Room is an absolutely lovely and cool space. Above, an image of a particularly groovy feature of their smoking/lounging porch.
In the lead up to this show, I had been worried that the clockwork logistical nature of music festivals would bump up against Earspray's somewhat detailed set up needs; it takes a lot of time, generally, for us to get the video and electronics up and running. Placed against the tight scheduling, it seemed likely that we'd run up against a buzzsaw of frayed emotions. This indeed happened, sort of, but we were able to get our rigs  up and running.
For me, as with my last Noisefest appearance (2012 with an Andrew-less Cloud Shepherd), I wanted to get into the Noise spirit of the thing and be as noisy as possible. On account of Earspray bringing our own speakers, Ann and Carlos had no monitor mix, so, my noise somewhat overwhelmed their noise, at least on the stage of the Witch Room (which is GREAT!)
We concluded at the end of the day that we had no idea how we sounded.
On a more fun note, there was a guy giving Noise Haircuts, with his clippers plugged into a seriously squirrely amp and pedals. I had a Noise Beard Trim, and Ann had a Noise Haircut. That was surreally fun!

Below: Earspray/ MC Lob Instagon/Carlos/Mark Noise Rig

Below: Ann get a Noise Haircut!

It was great to hear all of the other acts on the bill. I particularly enjoyed Stolen Elk, Instagon, Deletist, and Big City Orchestra. Sacramento always seems like a very livable city. 

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