Friday, October 24, 2014

Earspray-Luggage Store Gallery, SF CA; 10/23/14

Some shows have a certain psychological element of transcendence, and last night's Earspray show was a fine example of that for me.
After the initial kvetching and high strung interactions of the set up, which I realize more and more is just a given, due to Ann's meticulous plans, and, as such, totally acceptable, we played what for me was a great set.
I dispensed with the recent electronics on my end, instead focusing on percussion, plate, and waterphone. The waterphone felt particularly tasty to me.
Said transcendent vibe arouse after about five minutes of improvisation. At that time, I felt like Ann, Carlos, and I were able to get to some deep, primordial zone of sound. Wonderful.
Ricardo D'Orlando and Dani Cardevore played really inspired sets, too.
Man, what a fun night.

Below:  My Earspray rigs

Below: Ann and Carlos post freak

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