Thursday, October 2, 2014

Crow Crash Radio-Jupiter, Berkeley; 10/1/14

The nice thing about playing at Berkeley's venerable Jupiter is the fact that you get at least three sets. This makes stretching out an imperative, and that Crow Crash Radio definitely did last night. I felt almost as if last Saturday's Oakland gig was a warm up for this short notice appearance. We just used the same set list, but took all kinds of liberties, stretching songs until their almost breaking points. One can't expect to be the center of attention at Jupiter, as its customers are dining and drinking, but that factor can be fine. When we play there, I feel that I can just quietly play and let anything happen in the music; I figure that the audience appreciates not being yelled at and harassed for attention. That's completely fine with me.
Thanks to Andrew for setting this one up.

Below: Crow Crash Radio at Jupiter

Below: best use for a flannel shirt during SF Bay Area "summer"

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