Sunday, October 19, 2014

Infinite Plastic Internal w/ Jim Ryan; Stork Club, Oakland, CA 10/18/14

I had been very much looking forward to this show for a few reasons. First, I sort of love the Stork Club, despite its dive bar vibe. Second, I managed to convince Jim Ryan to play! Last but not least, the bill was put together by Jeff Klukowski, Alphastare main man and all around good guy.

Jim and I cooked up a set that revolved around his kalimba and my electronics, punctuated by woodwinds/drum set interaction and one a capella song, Julius Ceaser (Memento Hodie) by Nico.
It was challenging to try and sing in public, but I felt as though I got through it alright. We also experienced some small technical glitches, but encountering and overcoming those sorts of issues can be what makes the experience worthwhile.

It was great fun to jam out Free Jazz style with Jim on tenor sax and flute, that's for sure.
Thanks, Jim!

Below: scenes from the Stork Club

Below: paying tribute to Nico

As advertised, Infinite Plastic Internal and Alphastare did some collaborative work at the end of the evening, which was great, noisy and gong-ed fun! Thanks, Jeff!

Below: Infinite Plastic Alphastare

Many thanks to all who attended, and thanks to Melissa for taking these photos! 

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