Friday, May 22, 2015

Cosmists-The Luggage Store, SF CA;5/21/15

It was good to be playing out with Cosmists again after almost two years! I had been nervous about it, as we don't really draw that many people, but we actually did have a few people to play to, and the energy felt really up.
We played one long, almost twenty-five minute piece that included poems by Hugo Ball, Collette McCaslin, William Carlos Williams, and myself. It was particularly enjoyable to play along to the Ball poems, with their emphasis on pure vocal sound, and Collette's, for which I had developed specific parts. There were also purely improvised passages which had some really highly charged energetic moments. In Cosmists, I do tend to freak out a bit, and that was happening last night, of course.
On the drive home, Andrew and I enthused at length about the gig: we both felt happy and charged up! Hopefully we'll find a way to play out again soon, and with Collette as well.
Many thanks to Outsound and those that stuck around.

Below: setting up

Above: Cloud Kit, amended again
Below: sound!

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