Friday, May 8, 2015

Janina Angel Bath-Pretty Penny, Oakland CA; 5/8/15

Playing Goddess-centered devotional music inside of a clothing shop in the swanky Rockridge District of Oakland on Friday night is probably not the best way to do so. That said, I always have a fine time playing the music of Janina Angel Bath, and this evening's experience was no different for me.
After a bit of futzing around with what we thought was a huge p.a. problem, we worked up a set of six inter-connected pieces, with poetry, singing, and improvisation, and it seemed to flow quite fine. I can't recall any major mistakes or blunders, which is, obviously, good. It was particularly cool to play along with the tambura, as I've never had that experience. VERY cool, actually!
I felt like the vibe that we conjured up was delightfully psychoid, spiritually powered, even. Hopefully some of the people that chose to listen to us felt the same way.
All in all, it was a fine time, if a slight bit frustrating to be sort of overpowered, volume-wise, by the chatter of the party. Then again, it was a Friday night at clothing sale in Rockridge. It's all about set and setting, I guess.

Below: gear

Below: Janina Angel Bath and me, live shot (photo courtesy of Emerald Vernon-Lapow, thanks!)

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