Saturday, May 9, 2015

Purefinder-VAMP Music-Art-Consignment, Oakland CA; 5/9/15

Perhaps there was a lingering bit of frustration from me, regarding last night's proceedings at Pretty Penny, for I played really intensely and really loud this afternoon at VAMP.
Had a good time, doin' it, too! Andrew brought all sorts of electronics to play, including samples (the BART sample is hilarious), and I played a stripped down back line kit that was loaned VAMP by one of the guys that plays in a band with Fernando, co-owner of this great downtown Oakland record/art/clothing store. Thanks, young drummer! It was great fun to play a small, chipped old ride cymbal that I have, one which gets a fine, dry tone and not too much wash.
Back to the volume thing: it just felt really good to wail! I focused on playing beats, it being Oakland Drops Beats Day and everything. Not too sure how some of the people that came into VAMP felt about said beats, but, again, I certainly tried to stay within the loose parameters of the event's aesthetic. The most satisfying moments for me occurred a bit later into our forty minute set; we had some really connected moments. These moments were also the loudest of the set. Hmm.....maybe a pattern has emerged.
Hopefully I'll be able to make more pattern-based sound with Purefinder, going forward in time.
What a freakin' blast.

Below: Andrew and his rig, nice Gretsch backline traps

Below: Purefinder in action (photo by Tracy Parker, thanks!)

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