Friday, May 29, 2015

ebolabuddha-Golden Bull, Oakland CA; 5/28/15

It was fab and groovy to play with ebolabuddha again, this time at 14th St., Oakland's great Golden Bull. What a cool place. If you go there, dig on the silk screens that face the bar: kind of a deconstruction of mid-20th Century ad copy, with street level Oakland historical images mixed in. Nice!
As for ebolabuddha, I felt like we successfully did our thing, mixing Metal riffs with written words and improvised movements. It's an hellishly loud, jarring, and probably obnoxious sound, but, it's Metal for Pete's sake, and that seems fine to me. Metal as willful acting out. Metal as not giving a rat's ass what others think. Metal as physical and emotional release of the most naked sort. What do these have to do playing nice? Not much, I'd say. So, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Plus, we made it through our planned cover of Mayhem's classic Deathcrush. Great tune, that.
Additionally, as usual it was inspiring and humbling to see and hear so many great local musicians, particularly the drummers from Obastra and the Plague. Trita, out from Minneapolis, were also great, tight as f*ck. 

Below: Jason and Steve read up in preparation
Above: Steve and Eli set up
Below: backline drum kit

Yes, it was fun.
Many thanks to Ivan, drummer for the Plague (truly Black), for use of his kit as a backline.

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