Saturday, May 2, 2015

Crow Crash Radio-Free Oakland UP, Oakland CA; 5/1/15

It was definitely cool to talk to Free Oakland Utopian Project's founder, Jocelyn, in between sets at her space yesterday evening. Free Oakland UP is rooted in art project that she did at Mills College and others; Jocelyn's art form is Experiential Art, meaning she creates environments for people in which to have unique experiences. She basically invites people into the space that they can take a "free treasure", and the place is certainly filled with them. I found a Shelly Manne LP!
Crow Crash Radio certainly had a fun experience in the space! We took the extended set times as chances to stretch out tunes: at least four went for twenty minutes or so. I felt as though we set up some good, psychedelic vibes. I also got to sing Sweet Jane, something that I used to do within a high school band, many years ago. That, within the context of a song called Love for Lou. Yes, it is very Velvets-ey. We also did a damaged, exploding version of Innana, one of our oldest songs.
If you're ever in Oakland's Dimond District, seek out Free Oakland UP and grab some free stuff!

Below: Andrew and Brian

Above: Andrew teaches the youth about theremins on May Day
Below: Jocelyn and her space of treasures

Below: Crow Crash Radio full, photo by Jocelyn Maggait

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