Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I will play a long time tomorrow night!

As I age, I realize that I live to serve. My job gets less existentially painful when I accept the service role that is mine. I also serve music, and, as a drummer, generally serve musicians. I lay it down or space it out and stomp on it. Whatever it takes to make things work.
Tomorrow night I will be serving not double, but triple duty, playing three sets with three different bands at Oakland's Uptown Nightclub. One might say that this is an act of supreme Narcissism, but, owing to the fact that the show is neither paid nor advertised, and owing to the fact that no one in any of the bands wants to deal with playing with a Metal-Rap hybrid group from San Leandro or a singer/songwriter from Daly City, we collectively decided to keep things within the tight circle of bands that I play in.

First up, Crow Crash Radio will play our mutant Space Ragabilly.
Next, Mountain vs. Building will bring our Kraut-ey Space Rock to the fore.
Lastly, Failure Cock will jam out our composition, Orlando Brown 1877, which is based on the story of an 18th Century Colorado resident who believed so much in Manifest Destiny that he chose to spend weeks shooting any and all buffalo he saw. O.B. shot so many rounds that he went deaf in his left ear. What a guy.

Any and all are invited. The Uptown is located at  1928 Telegraph Ave. downtown. Come on over and support your local service scene. We all gotta serve something. 

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