Thursday, May 23, 2013

Crow Crash Radio/Mountain vs. Building/Failure Cock-The Uptown, Oakland, CA 5/22/13

In my gig announcement for this show, I mentioned how the Uptown as not advertising this show, but I was wrong. Not only that, their staff are super friendly and cool. Thanks, Uptown!
And thanks KALX for letting Andrew of Crow Crash Radio book this gig.
It was fun, but I was so busy, it's all a blur.
There was a Facebook meme going around all afternoon about 5/22 being Sun Ra's 99th birthday, so, during Failure Cock's set, I riffed on the Ra lyric "what planet is this?" for quite some time. In doing so, I cleared the room. 

Above: scenes from the whirlwind, and my favorite picture of Scarp Home EVER.

Thanks to Andrew Joron, Brian Strang, Brian Lucas, Michael Lowe-Grandi, Sheila Bosco, and Scarp for jamming with me all evening long.
I must pass out now.

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