Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cloud Shepherd with India Cooke and Will Alexander-Meridian Gallery, SF 5/4/13

Last night's Cloud Shepherd performance seemed to be one of inward, emotional moods. In talking with a few of the other band members, we agreed that our playing focus had been turned inside. The show started with our special guests India Cooke and Will Alexander. Will read an all too brief poem, and then began playing the piano. India joined him, and it was beautiful.
Above: India and Will travel

Cloud Shepherd then joined them, and played four or five longish improvisations. I felt that we got off to a pretty good start; at some point my playing got perhaps a bit too inward focused. I guess at one point my brush playing got a bit off time. Ouch!

India took a solo turn, and, as usual, blew the roof of the place. She's amazing.

Above: note new Utopia Synth, from Skychord

I was particularly pleased to be able to play my new gadget, the Utopia Synth, made by Skychord Electronics. What a great piece of gear!
Above: good old Cloud Kit, prepped

At the end of the show, I felt drained and pretty well spaced out. I am not sure how it was from an objective point of few, but I do know that as a subject of the experience, I tripped out.

Above: tuning, setting the stage
Below: my view from the stage
Thanks to the SF State Poetry Center for putting this event on!

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