Saturday, May 18, 2013

Crow Crash Radio-Brainwash Cafe, 5/18/13

It's always very tough to get people to Brainwash, and this evening was no different. That said, a few people showed up, and Crow Crash Radio used the opportunity to stretch out and play.
I felt like our versions of Moonlight Mile and the loping original tune Haditha went really well.
We even got to play a bit longer than expected, as the other band showed up fashionably late. That kind of action seems kind of lame to me, but, hey, showbiz! Hahaha.

Above: looking out onto SOMA
Below: Brian and Andrew tune up
One interesting mental trip for me: as we played our version of Down in the Dungeon, I recalled having heard Johnny Cash's version, at Brainwash, in 1993 or so. Where does the time go?

Below: photos by JD Schmid

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