Monday, May 20, 2013

Ear Spray/Music for Hard Times-Berkeley Arts Festival Building; Berkeley, CA 5/20/13

Ear Spray had a great time playing in Berkeley this evening.
To say that the show was sparsely attended would be an overstatement, but I've long since learned to find other values to performance. Plus, I was able to achieve the kind of sublime mental space of feeling subjective and objective simultaneously; there could have been hundreds present or no one at all. In the zone type stuff, I guess.
I was able to feel each bead of sweat on my forehead, each shimmering reflection of light off of the Tom Nunn Plate and cymbal stands. Sweet.
Above: Ann sound checks
Below: Carlos sets up
Above: Ann jams
Below: Mark, feeling spaced and stare-ey (photo by Rent Romus)

Music for Hard Times were great. Paul and Tom practice some deeply interior psychedelic improvisation.
Above: Music for Hard Times

At the end of the evening, both groups put our heads together for a short piece. Everyone listened, and it felt right. Paul Winstanley got the  last note of the evening. All left happy.

Update: video of joint Ear Spray/Music for Hard Times jam at the end of the evening:

Update: full performance from Ear Spray:

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