Friday, January 30, 2015

Alphastare vs. Infinite Plastic Internal-Luggage Store Gallery SF CA; 1/29/15

After last night's show, I spent some time reflecting upon the Luggage Store, and how much I like playing there. I guess it's a combination of the high windows that look out upon Market St., Outsound's low key approach, and the fact that one can pretty much do as they please with their music therein.
Anyway, it was a hoot to pair up with Jeff K. again for this one. In rehearsal, we spoke of wu wei, a Taoist concept that essentially boils down to "let things happen as they will". It seemed as though we were able to stick within that concept, and hit some pretty good, thick moments, as well as nice quieter flute/flute/percussion pairings. I was pleased to have found new uses for a contact mic that I bought off of one of the Liver Cancer dudes some years back at NorCal Noise Fest, too.
Thanks to all that came out, and to Onewayness for playing a cool set!

Below: rig and Alphastare (note Onewayness behind Jeff, along with Matt Davignon)

Below: live shots courtesy of Adam Holquist, thanks, Adam!

Below: video, courtesy of Jeff K.
AlphaInfinite LSG from Alphastare on Vimeo.

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