Monday, January 19, 2015

Rent Romus Lifesblood Ensemble-The Otherworld Cycle; Gold Lion Arts, Sacramento CA, 1/18/15

Driving through a pretty thick Tule fog made for a fine mental transition into the Otherworld yesterday afternoon. By the time I pulled up to Gold Lion Arts in Sacramento with singer Ron Heglin in tow, I was definitely feeling capable of going getting inside of Rent Romus' mystical song cycle.

As seems to be the case with the Otherworld Cycle, there were highs and a few lower points, at least from my perspective. In the former category, some really ripping sax from Josh Marshall and Rent, great solos by Heikki Koskinen on e-trumpet, pile driving trap set and percussion by Tim Orr and Suki O'Kane on Broken Knife (5/4!), and probably the best vocalizations yet from Bob Marsh and Ron Heglin; hell, everyone in the band was on for this one. In the latter camp, I had a few garish clams during Traveler Upon the Waves, and my cymbal stand fell, almost bashing my head, during Chasing Spirit Elk (likely caught on film, to boot: GREAT!!!)

That said, I had a great time bringing up the spirits of the Otherworld in Sacramento! Many thanks as always to Rent for putting it all together, and to Ross Hammond for his graciousness. If you live in Sacramento, support Gold Lion Arts!

Below: percussion, art, waterphone, and sound check (bottom photo by Timothy Orr, thanks!)

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