Sunday, January 25, 2015

Crow Crash Radio-The Convent, SF CA; 1/25/15

It definitely felt a bit strange to be the only musical act at an otherwise poetry-focused event, and the vibes were somewhat.....quiet after Will Alexander's recitation (no surprise there, really!), but Crow Crash Radio managed to keep a few people inside of the Convent's chapel area last night. I felt like we did a particularly trance-ed version of Inanna, which rested inside rather concise of versions of most other tunes.
After our almost exactly 45 minute set, Will joined us for some free form jamming, on piano, and this movement took us into some pretty abstract places! Quite exciting. For the most part, an oddly fun evening. Thanks to all who stuck around!

Below: Brian and Andrew, men wearing black shirts
Above: Brian contemplates the Convent's vibrations
Below: Crow Crash Drums

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