Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cloud Building-The Emerald Tablet, SF CA; 1/30/15

I didn't get a lot of photos at The Emerald Tablet last night, but, seeing as that the purpose of being there was to look at the visual arts on display, I figure that that's OK.
As for the music, initially I was ensconced in a small corner of the gallery, making random sounds by myself and then in tandem with Sheila Bosco. This sort of worked, but the music really developed when Brian Lucas, Michael Grandi, Andrew Joron, Sheila, and myself convened within the same area and began to play all together. We got to some pretty abstract, electronically trippy places, and of course that was fine with me. As with the previous evening at the Luggage Store, I explored new uses for contact mic, which felt really satisfying, along with getting to know my Utopia Synths even better. Paired with the sounds coming from everyone else, it felt really good.
It was also fun to see random people walk in, and their responses to the sounds.
This is the kind of show that I wish I could be involved in every week!
Many thanks to Brian, Ava, and Derek for allowing us to invade their big evening! Kudos to all of the artists and musicians.
Hooray for North Beach!

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