Friday, January 16, 2015

Jim Ryan Trio-Luggage Store Gallery, SF CA; 1/15/15

For this past year or so, Jim Ryan has been kind of a mentor to me as regards improvised music. We spent a lot of time in the early part of 2014 playing duets in my garage; Jim always had effective ways of imparting his spiritual, musical, and meta-physical insights to me, and I'm ever grateful for that.
Jim is moving to Silver Springs, Maryland later this month, to reunite with his wife, Millie. Obviously, last night's show was likely the last opportunity that I'll have to play music with Jim for the foreseeable future.
Bassist Eric Marshall joined us for one long, verbally charted piece that started with electronics and bass, moved to tenor sax, then alto sax, then flute, and finally back to tenor. I felt that the interactions went well, especially in the sense that Eric and I had never played together! He's a really subtle player.
At times, I felt as if I overdid it a bit, but there were tremendous feelings of "get it ALL out NOW" in my mind. Hopefully Jim and Eric understood that!
Many thanks to Jim, Eric, and all that came out and stuck around.
Jim, you're a Treasure.

Below: Jim and Eric

Above: traps and electronics!
Below: Jim Ryan Trio, post flight

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