Sunday, January 11, 2015

Rent Romus Trio-Vamp Music-Art-Consignment; Oakland, CA 1/10/15

The run up to this show had me really excited, as playing with Rent is, for me, something really to be savored. After speaking with Collette McCaslin, and reading her artist statement for this show (reproduced above), I became humbled.
It felt really great to play two sets, each almost exactly thirty minutes, of improvised music with Shanna Sordahl and Rent. Vamp's funky, welcoming vibe is a really fun atmosphere in which to hang out, and that vibe had its effect on my playing, for sure. I felt loose and creative. It seems like we hit some pretty good spaces overall, particularly when Jim Ryan sat in for flute duets with Rent during the second set. It was great fun to try and pair with Shanna's arco and pizzicato runs and the always rich sounds coming from the saxes. Joy!
Many thanks to Vamp and all my pals that came out for the show, and to Collette for making it happen.

Below: drums, cello, and percussion table at Vamp; the handbag is not mine
Below: Rent Romus Trio, photo courtesy of Amanda Chaudhary; thanks, Amanda!

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